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"Serving the community for over 60 years."

It is easy to think that you will have to replace your entire carpet when you have a section that is frayed or completely damaged. Fortunately, our family owned and operated business understands that a carpet repair job may be the better option for your situation. You can have us look at your carpet and determine if a repair job can be made and save you money and eliminate some stress.

For over 60 years, we have been providing service with honesty and loyalty to our customers. This has kept us in business for 4 generations.

You can be assured that we will do our best to repair your carpet. If we are not able to fix your carpet, you will have a wide selection of carpet choices to have installed in your home. You'll be pleased with the carpets that are available from the top major brands of carpet makers, the wide range of colors choices, and the different textures that are available in our showroom.

Very personalized service for your carpet repair jobs.


Don't rush to replace your flawed carpet

Carpet repair services include:

- Re-fastening

- Threshold repairs

- Re-stretching

- Re-seaming

- Serging

- Tears

- Burns

- Stains

- Patches

Large selection of carpeting available for your needs

Carpet repair Carpet repair