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Carpet is known for being plush and provides a certain level of warmth and comfort to a space. Unfortunately, many carpet choices can be hard on the environment and release harmful toxins in the air. This is why we offer lines of eco-friendly carpets that allows you to have all the great benefits of carpeting but without the harmful drawbacks of this choice.

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- Karastan

- Godfrey Hirst

- Woolshire

- Earth Weave

- Van Dyke

- Stanton

- J Mish

- Masland

- Fabrica

- Shaw

- Mohawk

- Smartstrand: This Mohawk brand is  with DuPont Sorona Renewably Sourced Polymer. This product uses the sugar found in corn to make the product. The renewably sourced polymer saves enough energy and resources allows the makers to save 10 million gallons of gasoline a year.

- Wool: Wool fibers are naturally elastic and able to bounce back into shape. Due to the natural fibers, they are stain-resistant and also flame-retardant. The wool fibers help to have less dust in the air and can even help purify the air by capturing and holding onto any common indoor contaminants.

- PET: Polyester carpet fiber is produced from recycled plastic bottles and is stain resistant and does not need chemical treatments. It retains color and resists fading, extreme durability and strength, and easier maintenance than other carpet choices.

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Help the environment with your carpet selection

Types of eco-friendly carpet

Eco-friendly carpet brands:

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