377 Pearsall Ave. Cedarhurst, NY

"Serving the community for over 60 years."

The year was 1945 when Jack Nacht, a young pilot just home from WWII, asked his father, who had a small carpet cleaning company out of the truck of his car, if they could start a business together.  And Dee-Jay Carpet Co., Inc. was born.


From the beginning the store was built on honesty and loyalty to its customers.  Now over 60 years later, Dee Jay Carpet Co., Inc. still continues this tradition with Jack's son Michael and grandson David running the store.  Dee Jay Carpet Co., inc. is not only passed down from generation to generation on the inside, we are helping the great grandchildren of our original customers.


We are truly filled with great pride and gratitude that families have let us grow up with them.

About Us

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